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Michael Woo is a respected attorney specializing in all forms of landlord-tenant and business matters, ranging from basic leases to managing holding entities and contractors. Based out of King County, he is familiar with the courts and laws throughout Washington and has the necessary skills to help you with your issue, whether it is simply a need for quick advice, helping you establish your holding company, taking a tenant to court, or serving as your company’s general counsel. Michael will provide you with professional and personalized legal services because he doesn’t just want to be an attorney, he wants to be your attorney. Visit his profile for more information.

We cover and are knowledgeable in multiple areas of the law

With knowledge of the law and courts throughout Washington, Michael P. Woo is capable of providing quality legal advice and services on a variety of legal matters that arise from owners and managers.

  • Landlord-Tenant Law:Michael Woo is dedicated to assisting landlords, owners, and property managers deal with the myriad of legal issues and conflicts that can and often do arise from renting property. Whether simply assisting with creating policies, drafting leases and addenda, or evicting a tenant, Michael can assist you with whatever matters you require in renting your property.
  • Real Estate Entities: When you buy a property, transferring it to a holding company can be a wise move that protects your investments and yourself. Michael Woo can guide you through the whole process of placing your property into a holding company.
  • Business Matters: Having go-to general counsel can save you time and stress as a business owner, but it is often prohibitively expensive for most small firms. Michael Woo understands this and can provide general counsel services based on your needs.

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